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March 15, 2017 – April 9, 2017

Opening Reception: Wednesday March 15th, 7pm to 10pm

The Lodge Gallery is proud to present Infinite Darkness, a group exhibition featuring artists Paul Brainard, Miriam CarothersSeldon Hunt, Josh Graham, Roxanne Jackson, Frodo Mikkelsen, Brian Montouri, Leonard Reibstein, Sigrid Sarda, and Aaron Zimmerman.

From the moment we enter into the world we are immediately set upon with trials that transform us from infancy into individuated selves, with unique perspectives and a sense of belonging, or not belonging, in the world. The resistive, the disobedient, the forsaken, and the marooned all find little reprieve from alienation. Few kindred spirits join them on the journey back to the primordial darkness from which we all are born and to which we all will one day return. To exhaust the existential madness the artists in this exhibition seek to fill the great mystery with a higher purpose.

Heavily inspired by metal, punk and various other genres of transgressive music, Infinite Darkness explores the darker side of art and philosophy through political, popular, and sub-cultural influences. Together, the artists form a fellowship of outliers and black sheep who offer critical insight into contemporary American society.