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A Peculiar Nature

Tawan Wattuya Pig Lodge Gallery New York

Sirikul Pattachote & Tawan Wattuya

August 3rd, 2016 – September 4th, 2016
Opening Reception, Wednesday, August 3rd, 7pm-9pm

Tawan Wattuya Pig Lodge Gallery New York

The Lodge Gallery is pleased to present A Peculiar Nature, a two-person exhibition of works on paper by Sirikul Pattachote and Tawan Wattuya. The show, Tawan Wattuya’s first major exhibition in New York and Sirikul Pattachote’s second featured show with The Lodge Gallery, is on view from August 3 through September 4, 2016

Wattuya explores humankind’s basest behaviors and instincts through his bold depictions of dogs, pigs, and wild animals. Pattachote examines our more intimate moments, feelings, and relationships within her personified portraits of flowers. Shown together, the works offer starkly contrasting reflections of ourselves, the dichotomies of humanness. Raw versus refined, ferocity versus civility, instinct-driven versus meditative, the works traverse our inner divide.

Sirikul Pattachote Lodge Gallery New York

Tawan Wattuya
is a Thailand-born, Bangkok-based artist known for his unique approach to watercolor and thought-provoking subject matter. Wattuya’s choice of watercolor as a medium is a deliberate attempt to convey the speed, dynamism, and complex contrasts of contemporary society. His works have been exhibited extensively in Bangkok, Singapore, Beijing, Paris, Tokyo, Brisbane, and Brussels. Wattuya earned his BFA from Silipakorn University of Art and Design (Bangkok).

Sirikul Pattachote is a Thailand-born New York artist and earned her BFA from Silipakorn University of Art and Design (Bangkok). Her artwork is inspired by nature, where she draws upon memories and the experiences of her surroundings in everyday life. The ephemeral quality of life and matter is a central theme in her work. Through her paintings, she attempts to record and preserve certain memories and impressions that highlight the potential good that lies in everyone and everything.

The Lodge Gallery, founded by Keith Schweitzer and Jason Patrick Voegele, is located at 131 Chrystie Street on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. It serves as both an art space and a gathering place for hearty discourse and experimentation.