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The Copenhagen Interpretation

The Copenhagen Interpretation Lodge Poulsen

3/3 – 4/4
Opening reception Wednesday March 4th, 2015 from 7-9pm

The Lodge Gallery and Gallery Poulsen proudly present “The Copenhagen Interpretation,” an exhibition of 18 works in different media: drawing, painting, collage and photography.

Participating artists: Aaron Johnson (US), Alfred Steiner (US), Barnaby Whitfield (US), Christian Rex van Minnen (US), Daniel Davidson (US), Debra Hampton (US), Eric White (US), Isaac Arvold (US), Jacob Dahlstrup (DK), Jade Townsend (US), Jean-Pierre Roy (US), John Jacobsmeyer (US), Mi Ju (KOR/US), Mu Pan (TW/US), Nicola Verlato (IT), Rainer Hosch (AUT/US), Tom Sanford (US) and William Powhida (US).


The Copenhagen Interpretation Lodge Poulsen

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Denmark-based Gallery Poulsen is located amidst butchers, fishmongers and the vibrant nightlife of Copenhagen’s Meatpacking District. With a passion for traditional art on canvas and paper, Gallery Poulsen presents a strong team of contemporary artists, mostly Americans, who work in a significant artistic style, where the clean, the satirical and not least the reflective are the thematic common denominators.

Exactly five years ago we started putting together a team of talented artists. Some from Near, but many from Far. In the search for the best, geography knew no bounds, and we found ourselves drawn to the glowing center of the contemporary art scene, New York City. In the corner of our meatpacking district in Copenhagen, Gallery Poulsen has taken that world in and it is now time to send our “The Copenhagen Interpretation” back to where it all began.

“The Copenhagen Interpretation”, which has been linked to the Danish physicist Niels Bohrʼs theories about the structure of atoms, contains in addition to its groundbreaking way of describing quantum physics also a great deal of persistence, geekiness and innovation. And that is precisely the three concepts which constitutes the strongest bricks of this show.

Influenced by the Danish writer H. C. Andersen we have started a journey in the name of inspiration as well. But apart from being on the lookout for taking home a lot of new ideas, we are mainly landed in Godʼs Own Country to give something of our own. We have left our home to besiege new ground and to show eighteen unique artists who transform the mundane into the fantastical.

Morten Poulsen / Gallery Poulsen